About Me

I began life as a writer in college and loved it, and from the praise and prizes won, I’d say I was good at it.  But then I took a long hiatus to develop what is commonly called “something to fall back on.” About six years ago, while in Paris enjoying a yearlong sabbatical from the fall-back-on stuff, I began to write creatively again.  Pulling from many years’ worth of personal journals, I rediscovered my passion for the sound of the language and its potential to entertain and provoke and inspire.  When I returned to the States five years ago, I sold my business and structured a lifestyle that would allow me to write stage plays full time. I live with my wife and teddy bear in Manhattan.

For a personal look at my transition from the world of business to that of stage plays, here’s a recent essay of mine about the craft of writing.  It was submitted as part of a national essay competition.