About Me

Twelve years ago, after several decades as a successful commercial writer, I leapt off a metaphoric cliff.  I had kept personal journals for all of those years because I had been driven since college by a vague hope that “someday,” I’d use my love of the language and skill with words to express my own ideas, to tell my own stories.  At some point, it dawned on me with a thud that unless I expected to do it posthumously, I needed to make a change. During a lengthy sabbatical out of the country, structured to make me take seriously all that such a decision implied, I opted for the leap.  I came back inspired and determined, and quickly structured a lifestyle that allowed me to write creatively full time, which I have been doing since.

I have written eleven full-length plays and four one-acts, which have been produced in New York and a dozen other cities.  I have won or been a finalist in over 40 national and international (UK, CAN) writing competitions, including the Ashland New Plays Festival, the STAGE Award (best new play about science and technology), the John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award (New England Theatre Conference), the Pillars Prize, the Getchell Award (Southeastern Theatre Conference), AACT (American Association of Community Theatre), UCM  (best new play for the TYA audience – 2017), Child’s Play/YETi, (best new play for the TYA audience – 2018) and the Woodward/Newman Award (finalist three times). My work has been published by Smith & Kraus, in the Ponder Review, and by Applause Theatre and Cinema Books.